Janina 24K Gold Toothpaste | Review

Hey everyone, Have you ever tried a golden toothpaste? Well, I certainly hadn't until Janina, a brand favourite of mine, recently r...

Hey everyone,

Have you ever tried a golden toothpaste? Well, I certainly hadn't until Janina, a brand favourite of mine, recently reached out to me to try their new golden toothpaste and given I love this brand, I had to give it a try. Let's see how it tested out~

Janina 24K Gold Toothpaste | I have previously reviewed Janina on my blog and shared how much love I have for this brand, for how naturally their toothpaste has started whitening my teeth and even this much time later since my review, I have continued to use the product religiously and so, when Janina contacted me again to try out their newer 24K Gold Toothpaste, I had to give it a try.

I have been nearly using this teeth range for a year now and have been so impressed and was super excited to get to try out this latest product. It's in a form too I have never seen before, all golden. This toothpaste is a gel formula filled with colloidal gold that helps create a dazzling white smile. Colloidal is filled with golden flecks that is suspended into the solution and claims to be especially beneficial for regenerative and inflammatory issues, alongside teeth whitening. This formula also contains, as it says on the site; Whitening Patented Bromaine Complex, a combination of natural enzymes (Bromelaine from Pineapple and Papain from Papaya) to whiten teeth without the use of harsh abrasives.

A lot of these types of products, that look cool and interesting - turn out to be a bust. Well, I am happy to say that this is another product from the Janina range that has wowed me again. I have always worried with whitening products that it would make my teeth more sensitive but this product certainly does not, as I have used the original product for almost a year now and my teeth are better than ever if anything. The same applies to this product, my teeth so far have been feeling even nicer than usual and I'm starting to like the product even more. Which is hard to say because I love the original so much. I plan to post progress photos in a few weeks so you can truly see the difference.

This toothpaste is not only pretty and cool, it really seems to live up to it's claims and after brushing for a about three minutes, your teeth already look so much whiter, without being having a harsh formula nor leaving your teeth sensitive. If you are looking for a more natural whitening toothpaste, this is the one to go for my friend! I love this product and I know I will continue to reuse this brand for a long time to come.

You can buy it here!

What are your favourite whitening products?

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