The Benefits Of Minimalist Design

Hey Everyone, I really think the saying 'Less is more' is so true. Ever since I choose a more minimalist room design, there rea...

Hey Everyone,

I really think the saying 'Less is more' is so true. Ever since I choose a more minimalist room design, there really are more noticeable differences not only to the atmosphere but to my overall personal benefit. Here are some benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle.

Letting In The Light

I noticed after I created a clearer, toned down and lightened space in my room the atmosphere seemed to have lifted. I got rid of literally everything I don't use or need and the new found free space really seemed to help reduce my stress levels. The clearer scene created a much lighter atmosphere and the brightened room seemed to feel bigger and not as cramped. It was all because I got rid of so much junk that was taking up the space and let the natural light fill up my room by removing pieces that dimmed the room such as my blackout blinds. The simple and light colour palette can really help brighten your mood, which I noticed has really helped to calm my anxiety.


Now there isn't so much junk taking up so much space there is so much less to clean. When my room previously was full to the brim I always had the thought of 'Oh, time to clean my room..' which literally felt like I'd ran a marathon each time because I had so much unneeded stuff lying everywhere. However, now the space is freed up and clearer that time has been sliced in half and it literally takes two minutes to clean up since there is less to clean. Which is especially perfect for people [like me] who hate cleaning.

Aura Cleansing

Now, to some, the minimalist design strips away aspects of your personality that you have built around your room. However, I really disagree. Going minimalist doesn't just have to mean you strip your room down bare and add a few light furniture pieces everywhere. It's all about creating a lighter and fresher atmosphere by getting rid of things that you really don't need. Having a minimalist design not only has helped my room seem bigger and more relaxed. The lightened atmosphere has helped fight off my insomnia and reduced my overall stress levels. Just by freeing up some space and de-cluttering you are not only cleansing your room but your mind of negativity.

What are your thoughts on minimalist interior design?

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