Must Have Summer Beauty Item: The Sheet Mask

Hey Everyone, Summer skin can sometimes be a pain to deal with. However, with an amazing skincare item  heading  onto  the trend scene,...

Hey Everyone,

Summer skin can sometimes be a pain to deal with. However, with an amazing skincare item heading onto the trend scene, say farewell to your skins troubles once and for all. With the sheet masks having taken Asia by storm, these skincare wonders are slowly making their way to the west and all for a good reason! The sheet mask is a skincare item that has changed up the game when it comes to caring for your skin. 

What is a sheet mask you may ask? 
A sheet mask is essentially a piece of paper or cloth that has been saturated in some particular skincare ingredients. You place it on your face [they have cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth] for 10-15 minutes and let your skin soak up all the goodness! 

Why sheet masks? 
Although they look a little crazy, they are truly the fastest and easiest method of caring for your skin. The sheets are soaked in just the right amount of product so they don't irritate your complexion. Sheet masks are also a lot more travel friendly as you can just pop some in your bag without them taking up much space! You also don't need to wash any of the product away when finished, you just rub in the remaining residue and your skin is left feeling amazing, with such little effort! 

In the summer time, I love to leave some in the fridge, as once placed onto the skin they are a nice cooling treat for your complexion. Another favourite way is to use them before you apply makeup, depending on your skin type they can help control your skins oils, add some hydration and also even out the skin tone, thus making makeup application smoother. I don't do this everyday just for when my skin is particularly needing a pick me up but it really makes a difference. 

You really don't need to use a sheet mask everyday, just pick one up for when your skin is feeling in need of a treat. To control my skins troubles, I like to use them three times a week for full effect and my skin has never felt so good. You can buy sheet masks in bulk or per packet it really just depends on how much you want or need to treat your skin. They have an endless range of masks for every skin trouble you can imagine, from brightening to blemish control there is a sheet mask out there for your skin worries.With the seasonal changes, I find sheet masks are truly the best skincare product to use when caring for your skin in the humid months. Effortlessly and easily this wonder item has changed up the skincare game and If there is one skincare item I recommend you have on your must have list this summer, a sheet mask is it.

Have you tried a sheet mask before? What are your favourites?

xoxo Lotte 

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