Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review [Grey Brown]

Hey Everyone, Today, I'm reviewing a product that has been circulating the internet for some time now, that being the The Etude Ho...

Hey Everyone,

Today, I'm reviewing a product that has been circulating the internet for some time now, that being the The Etude House Tint My Brows Gel. I'd never tried a peel off tint product before so was very intrigued and decided to test it out since I usually tint my brows a lot anyhow! Let's see how this product trailed out for me~

The Etude House Tint My Brows Gel is a product that has taken the internet by storm recently and so I was very intrigued to try it out. I'm use to tinting my brows all the time but this type of product was a new concept for me, being that I'd never tried nevertheless heard of a peel off brow tint before, therefore I was excited to see how it would work out.

When applying the product it says to apply to trimmed eyebrows and not apply any skincare product or makeup before it's use. I heeded their words and trimmed my brows and did not apply any product beforehand. When applying the gel I noticed it had a quite sticky gel like consistency. It was actually a lot thicker of a liquid than I thought it would be.

You have to apply a liberal amount of product while following your desired brow shape. I've heard a lot about people not liking the application brush but I had no problems with it, as I found it to glide along easily with no sort of clumping or anything appearing. It applied the thick gel pretty smoothly and before you knew it I had a crazy looking eyebrow ready to peel off in 2 hours time. The only true problem I had with this product [if you can call it one] is that I had a hard time matching up my other eyebrow shape, therefore I recommend you have cotton buds on hand for any mistakes. Then again I'm just terrible at filling in my brows!

Once the product had set here came the moment of truth. I half expected there to be a very light stain left behind but I was quite surprised to see a quite dark stain as if I had just filled in my brows with a powder. The finish looked really natural, which is what I love and the peeling process did not at all hurt or take away any of my brow hairs, which I half expected since my brows are very thick but no they remained in tact! I got the product in the shade grey brown which matched my brunette hair perfectly.

Overall, I absolutely love this product. It leaves a really natural stain behind and I found the product lasted a good four days which is amazing as I didn't fill in my brows once. I do recommend applying a thicker layer to get a darker stain if you want slightly more impact. I adore this product and it's now one of my go-to products!

Have you tried a peel off brow tint before?

xoxo Lotte 

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