New In : Tropic Sun Drops & Skin Revive Moisturiser

Hey Everyone, Now we are getting into the warmer seasons I've been getting out my tanning products and slowly been starting to buil...

Hey Everyone,

Now we are getting into the warmer seasons I've been getting out my tanning products and slowly been starting to build up my tanning look. However, I use a mousse fake tanner and hate using it on the face, so I've spent an age trying to find a face tanner that didn't irritate my skin and just gave my face a natural glow. Thankfully, I have finally found that product which Tropic Skincare kindly let me try out from their up and coming Spring line. Let's take a look at why these products are now my go-to items for facial tanning.

Along with the new Tropic Sun Drops Facial Serum. Tropic also kindly let me try out their moisturiser the Tropic Skin Revive which you can use to mix in with the serum. I was really excited to try out the tanning serum because normally the facial tanning products I have used were all cream based so I couldn't wait to see how it differed.

To use the facial tanning serum you can mix two to three drops of the tanner into your moisturiser for a natural evened out skin tone or 4-6 for a more sun kissed look and apply the product smoothly to the face. I mixed in the sun drops with the skin revive moisturiser and straight away I noticed how light weight the product felt. These two product mixed together are like a match made in heaven. They apply to the skin evenly and streak free and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. With other facial tanners I've used the product tends to feel heavy on my skin, however these two products together feel so light that I almost forgot I had any product on my face!

The texture of the serum is pretty much exactly like a serum feels but dries fast once blended. The moisturiser has a very light cream feel and blends into the skin perfectly leaving a really nice hydrated glow. Once mixed together these products not only smell amaze but are so light weight yet your skin feels so beautifully soft. I used about 4-6 drops of this product which is recommended if you want a more sun kissed look and it's what I prefer. I found my skin looked super glowy and streak free and I was left with a more evened out skin tone and really nice bronzed finish. You can definitely wear this combination on it's own because it looks so natural.

The Tropic Skincare line has lived up to my expectations once again and this brands products never fail to amaze me. They seem to get better and better with each new product I try and it's a brand I really recommend to everyone especially since it is also 100% natural brand! These are the perfect products for achieving a beautiful hydrated glow for spring. Highly recommended!

Check out Tropic Skincare for more amazing products and the upcoming Spring product line!

What are your must have spring beauty products?

xoxo Lotte 

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