2015 Top Makeup Picks

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year! I can't believe it is now 2016, it feels so weird even thinking that we are now in January. This year...

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is now 2016, it feels so weird even thinking that we are now in January. This year truly has went by so fast. It's been a great year of blogging and I'm still loving it as much as the day I started. 2015 was also a great year for finding new makeup products, today I put together some of my top favourite products that I'm so glad I discovered. Let's take a look at my top makeup picks from 2015!

My first two top favourites from 2015 are both foundations. The Tropic Beauty Booster and Collection Colour Match. They both provide very brightening and glowing finishes when applied, which is how I loved my makeup in 2015. These two foundations provide brilliant coverage and do not at all feel heavy on the skin. They are definitely going to still be my ultimate go-to foundations this year.

The next makeup favourites from the year are another two products, this time lipsticks. The Dior Magette and MAC Style Surge. These lipsticks have most definitely been my go-to lip shades in 2015. They have super lasting power and are so moisturizing. I also find they are great transitional shades and can pretty much work with any makeup look. I'm so glad I picked up these shades and they also two more products I won't be without this 2016!

I've been getting a little more into contouring and highlighting this year and after getting to try out the Maybelline Master Sculpt it's a makeup step I can't be without these days. The contour shade is the perfect buildable tone when it comes to contouring and the highlighter gives just the right amount of light and lift. I love to use this product during the daytime for a perfect natural finish! Thanks to this product it awoke my love for contouring again.

The last product favourite of the year is an eyeshadow from a brand that I had heard a lot about but never tried it until later in the year. Kiko Cosmetics has to be one of my new favourite brands and as they opened a store in my local town I always have to pick up a new product as I pass by. I bought one of their eyeshadows and I really didn't expect it to be as good for the price, however I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the product is. I wear this eyeshadow shade pretty much all the time now and can't wait to try even more products from the brand in 2016.

What are some of your 2015 makeup favourites?

xoxo Lotté 

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