Winter Nail Polish Favourites

Hey Everyone, In the winter time I love pulling out all the dark nail polish shades from my collection. Just like with makeup in winter...

Hey Everyone,

In the winter time I love pulling out all the dark nail polish shades from my collection. Just like with makeup in winter, I prefer darker and bolder colours at this time of year. Today, I have a few favourites that will be for sure be my most worn shades out of my collection this Winter time. Let's take a look at my favourite Winter nail polishes~

These shades in particular are some of my ultimate and most purchased nail polish shades. Everytime I go back to the Barry M stand in superdrug I always have to stop buy one and at least buy one new shade. However, I always seem to gravitate back and buy the shades I love already. These polishes are my ultimate winter polish favourites and fit every occasion perfectly.

Barry M Aquarium Persian // This beautiful multi tone shade is one of my ultimate favourites. I love to wear this shade for a party look and often match it with the purple sparkly shade above it. It is such a pretty shade and under different lights changes from one colour to another.

Barry M Fashion Icon // This glittery purple shade is the perfect glitter polish I've tried yet. What I love apart from the beautiful colour is the consistency. I find it easy to remove afterwards as the glitter is a much finer consistency than many others I've tried. Like I mentioned I love to pair this with the persian shade for party looks and together they just match so beautifully. One of my favourite winter polish combinations.

Barry M Matte Black // A black nail polish shade is a must have for me and I always reach for it when I just want a simple yet chic look to match my style. For a matte shade it applies beautifully and lasts such a long time. 

Barry M Red Wine // This beautiful deep red tone is another go-to shade in my collection. I really love the consistency of Barry M's polishes and this red wine has a beautiful glossy finish. This has to be one of my favourite deep red shades from my collection and I always reach for it on an everyday basis.

Barry M Christmas Tree // Now I do think this shade was limited edition so I don't think the sell in anymore but I just had to include it since it's going to be my most worn polish this year. Just like the name states it's a christmas inspired glittery polish that I love to apply over the red wine polish. It adds a little festive sparkle to any polish!

What are your favourite winter nail polish shades?

xoxo Lotté 

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