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Hey Everyone, Yes, it is finally here, the first day of December has arrived and my house already looks like it has been hit by a festi...

Hey Everyone,

Yes, it is finally here, the first day of December has arrived and my house already looks like it has been hit by a festivity bomb! This is my first blogmas, therefore I thought I'd start these posts with a big hello and merry christmas! I decided to start off these 24 days of blog posts with a nice tag! The Christmas Tag of course! So, grab a hot chocolate, relax and let the festive spirit begin!

1 - What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I was going to be pretty generic there and say elf or the grinch (which are some of my favourites anyhow) however, even though it's a two part series and looks more like a halloween drama than christmas movie I'm going to go with the Hogfather. Terry pratchetts book comes to life in this two part series. It's an amazing two part drama/movie and even though it's a much darker aspect of Christmas, it still has all the same type of themes just darker and somewhat reversed.

2 - Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I've never opened my presents on Christmas eve and I don't think I'd want to either because the whole anticipation of leaving them and waiting till Christmas day has always been the most fun part! So waiting one more day won't hurt haha

3 - Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Not one in particular because I cherish them all as it's the only time my whole family comes together!

4 - Favourite festive food?

Christmas dinner in general, especially roast potatoes. yum.

5 - Favourite Christmas gift?

Should I be selfish and say money? oh well haha. Actually, I love makeup and coffee so either of those is pretty darn great!

6 - Favourite Christmas scent?

Pretty much anything by Yankee candle. These people sure know how to make the perfect christmas scents.

7 - Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

This only started happening in the past few years but on Christmas eve I always make some Chocolate truffles. I don't know why I started doing this but I think I stumbled upon the recipe one year and now I have just made them on Christmas eve ever since! They are too delicious I may have to post the recipe :)

8 - What tops your tree?

A small angel surrounded by a wreath my mother got handed down to her by her own mother when she was younger. It has took pride of place in memory of my nana each year.

9 - Favourite festive song?

This is probably the hardest question for me but it has to be 'Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas everyday.' I don't know what it is about that song but it has been my favourite ever since I was young and it is always my first festive song I listen to each christmas.

10 - What is the best part of Christmas for you?

The food most definitely and it's pretty much the only time my whole family sit around a table to eat together so it's a moment to treasure. Seriously though waiting for the christmas meal to be cooked is the best aspect you really can't beat it!

This tag just made me feel even more festive and it's only December 1st! Anyhow, feel free to do this tag yourself it was pretty darn fun. Hope we have a great blogmas and if you are doing blogmas this year too feel free to leave your blog link below!

What is your favourite aspect of Christmas?

xoxo Lotté 

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