Tackle That Dry Skin | My Top 3 Tips

Hey Everyone, Suffering from dry skin is not fun, especially, as the harsh winter season approaches. Choosing the right products is th...

Hey Everyone,

Suffering from dry skin is not fun, especially, as the harsh winter season approaches. Choosing the right products is the most crucial point when it comes to tackling dry skin. I use to suffer with pretty bad dry skin, but, as I slowly built up a solid skincare routine and focusing on a few certain products I found that it has really helped smooth out my skin. Here are my top three tips and product recommendations that help add back some hydration!

The Exfoliator

Exfoliating is one key point to hydration success. Exfoliating really helps smooth out your skin and remove impurities. Thus creating a perfect canvas for your other product to transfer and apply easier too. Choosing the right exfoliator for dry skin can be tricky, I have been through many brands but I found most of them just made my skin feel tight even after applying a load of moisturiser. You want to find an exfoliator that leaves your face feeling smooth and cleansed rather than tight. I pursued on until I found one and after many trials and tribulations, I came across the best I have tried so far and a product I have featured many of a time on my blog. That is the Klairs Black Sugar Scrub Facial Polish. This product does not at all leave your skin feeling matte but rather soft and smooth a product I can't live without in the Winter.

The Mask

Face masks are one of the best ways to nourish and add some much needed hydration back into your skin. I've tried a variety of face masks over time and I find sheet masks are the quickest and most effective way to restore some hydration. Not only are they super easy to use, there is such a variety that target your specific problems. I love to use them before applying makeup and I find my makeup applies so effortlessly after them using them because they leave my skin so soft and nourished. I have so many favourites, but, the ones I find that have worked the best for my dry skin is by Innisfree and WHEN. Both brands have such a great range that target your specific problem areas, so, I really recommend you take a look. If you aren't so keen on sheet masks my favourite liquid form mask is the Kiko Energy Mask which is amazing at just adding some life back into the skin and always leaves my skin feeling well nourished.

The Moisturiser

Probably the most important step of all is the moisturiser. Finding a good moisturiser that is going add some much needed hydration into the skin was a long process for me. I found it took some time before I seen a moisturiser make that much difference. However, over time I kept trying out different brands and finally came by one that has been a game changer for me. The Ren Daily Moisturiser is a product that goes such a long way and accomplishes so many tasks with such little effort it surprised me. Ever since using this product my skin has been by far the most hydrated it's ever been!

What are your favourite products to tackle dry skin?

xoxo Lotté 

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