Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Hey Everyone, When it comes to hair extensions I'm pretty much a newbie. I'm all for wigs, however, I've always wanted to t...

Hey Everyone,

When it comes to hair extensions I'm pretty much a newbie. I'm all for wigs, however, I've always wanted to try out some hair extensions but never really put much more thought into them. That was until Irresistible Me kindly let me try out some of their Royal Remy extensions. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to try them out, so, when they arrived I was pretty excited. Let's see how they tried out!

My Irresistible Me Hair Extensions came neatly and securely packaged in a medium black box. When I opened the package I was greeted by the securely packed extensions, which were covered in a plastic material, which then contained a large and smaller pockets. What is great about the packaging is that their is one side that you open before you open the actual product. The instructions tell you to open the smallest side first, so, that you can see if the colour matches your own hair. It is so you will be able to send the extensions back and swap shades if they do not match and the product becomes void once you open the full product so make sure the colour matches well before doing so!

When I tested the sample side [which is part of the product] and found the colour was a perfect match I then moved onto full packet. At first, It didn't seem like a lot was there. However, once you remove them and spread them out there is a lot of hair. I got the Chocolate Brown - 200g - 22 Inch long extensions [which is my perfect length] and with that you get 10 Pieces. 1 pc of 4 clips, 2pcs of 3 clips, 5 pcs of 2 clips and 2pcs of 1 clips. When I mean you get a lot of hair I couldn't fit them all on my head and only managed to get the 4 clips and 2 of the 3 clips because I already have ultra thick hair. If you have pretty thin hair then you'll be able to get way more on but I found that was all I needed and I got the perfect amount of volume!

The hair is 100% human remy hair and can be styled [with heat, colour and cut] and washed like usual hair. The extensions are super soft and once I brushed through and blended it with my own hair it felt super natural and light! These extensions are clip ins, but, once they are in they do not budge. No matter hard you brush or shake your head they are super secure.

Overall, I love how natural these extensions look and how much more voluminous my hair looks! The colour match is perfect and if you would like to check out these extension you can take a look here. There is a huge range so do take a look as their is something for everyone! I really recommend these extensions, especially, if you are a newbie like me!

Do be sure to check out the Irresistible Me website and twitter for more info!

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