Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Hey Everyone, I love trying out different makeup products, especially, when it comes to foundations. My collection is getting crazier eac...

Hey Everyone,

I love trying out different makeup products, especially, when it comes to foundations. My collection is getting crazier each day, but I have yet to find a foundation that perfect summer foundation. That was until I came across the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which has been popular in the beauty blogging world for a long time now, but I never really thought much of it. After seeing so many people rave about it, I decided to finally cave in and give it a try and I'm so glad I did.

In summer time, I'm all for minimal makeup. Meaning the less the better for me, because I find there is nothing worse than being covered in a mask of foundation and have it move all around your face because of the heat. So finding a lightweight foundation has been on my agenda for awhile now and I can say happily say I've finally achieved it!

Th only thing that deterred me from buying this foundation was I thought that my current favourite foundation, the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid would be hard to beat. However, that foundation lately just hasn't been working with my skin type so I decided to venture into the world of Bourjois makeup for the first time and try their super popular Healthy Mix foundation. I'd heard the formula was lightweight and had pretty decent coverage, however, I still didn't think much of it since I'd never tried the brand before. But, I was surprised at how true those claims tried out to be.

I apply the foundation with my favourite Real Techniques Sponge [damp] and it applies so perfectly and blends together so effortlessly. I was so surprised because never have I tried a foundation that blended so well into my super pale skin! It doesn't even feel like you are wearing foundation, the consistency is a tiny bit sticky but nothing where your hand would stick to your face. It has a slight dewy finish but nothing crazy like the Maybelline FIT ME foundation. It really does leave your skin looking like it has a natural healthy glow like it claims.

I bought the shade 'Light Vanilla' for the days when I'm not wearing fake tan and this is the first time I think ever a foundation has matched my skin tone perfectly! Normally, a foundation can look perfectly fine but after a few hours it oxidises and my face is suddenly orange. However, this did not happen with this foundation at all it stayed true to the shade and it left my skin looking luminous all day! It does claim to last 16+ hours but I have never worn a foundation for that long so I could not comment, though I wear it for a good 7+ hours and it lasts brilliantly even in the summer heat.

Never have I raved about a foundation so much but this one really deserves it. Only thing I would like to point out is the coverage, to me it has great coverage, it covers any redness and pigmentation perfectly. But if you have any blemishes you want to cover I recommend using a concealer before hand if you want a little more coverage! But, all in all, it's an all round great foundation which will definitely be on my re-purchase list for a long time ahead!

Have you tried this foundation? What is your favourite summer foundation?

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