Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer Review

Hey Everyone, With the sunny weather slowly striding into place and the warm temperature matching up along with it, I knew that I better...

Hey Everyone,

With the sunny weather slowly striding into place and the warm temperature matching up along with it, I knew that I better start getting my skin prepared for the summer rays. Fake tanning is the beginning of this process for me and when it comes to tanning, I usually opt for a mousse formula, however, I noticed that it has been seriously drying out my skin and that even after I exfoliated and moisturised, it still felt very dry. I decided to go back to using a liquid gradual tanning cream instead as with the liquid form I'd never experienced such dry skin. So, when Tropic kindly let me try out their new Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer It was perfect timing!

The Tropic Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer is a new gradual tanning lotion containing some beautiful ingredients such as Coconut butter which helps to replenish the skin, also contains an amazing Lime essential oil and Mango butter which actually contains anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti ageing properties and helps to tackle dry skin at the same time!

This product mimics the colour of your melanin to create a natural looking tan. I can definitely vouch that this product has a very natural finish. Yet, at the same time leaves me with a beautiful golden glow that miraculously doesn't look to harsh since I'm so pale. It leaves a beautiful glow behind and the skin feels so soft and fresh afterwards which amazes me since normal tans can do the opposite effect so it really took me by surprise.

Let's just talk about the scent for a moment and oh my god it's amazing. It smells so fresh and once you pump some product out of the bottle you are just deluged by a wonderful lime scent, which is not over powering at all. I actually can happily apply this tan and actually forget that it is there, because of how light weight it feels and since the smell is nothing like a conventional tanning lotion it's like you've just walked out of a beauty salon.

When you pump out some of the product it actually comes out looking like a tinted moisturiser but the consistency is much thinner. I apply it still using a mit to avoid streaks since it is a gradual tanner. It applies effortlessly and the skin is left looking refreshed and glowing! It's a buildable tan, so if you are not happy with one application just apply more to get your desired shade.

Overall, this is a perfect summer tanning lotion. It's lightweight and is perfect if you are going on holiday and just want a natural looking tan before you go. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated, fresh and glowing. I can't wait for it to be released and I highly recommend it if your are looking for a natural looking glow. Check out the Tropic website to keep up to date with this amazing products release!

Do you prefer tanning mousse or a gradual tanner?

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