Summer Makeup Tips

Hey Everyone, Since Summer is not far away now I decided to bring you some of my makeup tips that will help to keep your makeup in plac...

Hey Everyone,

Since Summer is not far away now I decided to bring you some of my makeup tips that will help to keep your makeup in place this summer. I know how it annoying it is when you have to keep touching up your makeup in the summer days, but worry know more as I have some tips and products that will really help to keep everything staying where it should! Let's take a look~

SPF - In summer this is my most important makeup step and I always make sure I have applied some SPF before leaving the house. Staying in the sun for long periods of times can have a massive impact on your skin, so taking extra precautions to protect your skin from the sun rays is really important. The Innisfree Eco Saftey Sunblock provides a high SPF coverage and has a light weight feel it also leaves the skin feeling slightly moisturised after use.

Base - Seriously, when it comes to Summer makeup the less you wear the better. Just by choosing the right products, like swapping your foundation for a tinted moisturiser really will make a difference. There is nothing worse than being in the summer heat all day and your makeup starts dripping off your face. Not everyone is comfortable going out without any makeup, So I recommend the Lancome Hydra Zen Tinted Moisturiser because not only does it hide any skin problems very well. It contains pure lightweight pigments so your skin still feels like it can breathe.

Simplicity - Keeping the face makeup as minimal as possible is really the best option in summer. I really like to go for a really simple liner style that just slightly enhances my eyes. I stay as close to the lash line as possible as since I have hooded eye lids my liner can smudge easily. So drawing a thin line close to the lashes will just add a slight impact and yet make my eyelashes seem more full. For mascara, I love the Innisfree Skinny Micro Mascara as since the brush is so thin it just coats each lash individually and mascara clumps are avoided. For the lips, I just like to use a natural lip balm so my lips keep hydrated.

Magic of Mists - Facial mists are a life saviour in summer. Not only can they save your skin from looking dull after spending a long time in the sun they also brighten and refresh the face! I love the Benefit Re-Hydrating Mist and I use this before makeup application and anytime after just to add some life back into my skin!

What are your summer makeup tips?

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