Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey Everyone, I've got some of my Summer Beauty Essentials for you today and these are stuff I'd hate to be without in the upco...

Hey Everyone,

I've got some of my Summer Beauty Essentials for you today and these are stuff I'd hate to be without in the upcoming hot summer days! They are a few makeup and skincare essentials, that be it whether you're going on holiday or just battling the weather in your own country, these products always help me get through the heat! Especially, here in England where the summer weather can never make up it's mind! Anyhow, let's see what products help me make it through the sunny weather~

A skincare product that I find is a must have for warmer seasons is a facial mist. It is a multi purchase product and can be used before and after makeup! I use the Benefit Re-Hydrating Mist as it help refresh my skin after a long day of wearing makeup. It's really great to help brighten and re-hydrate dull looking skin!

Another skincare essential for me, this goes for all year round too, is a facial sheet mask. If you don't know or never tried a sheet mask before, then I recently done a post explaining about them, which you can check out here. With the English weather never knowing whether to be hot or cold it can really cause havoc on your skin, especially in summer time. I love to use sheet masks mainly because they help control my skin problems and generally just had some life back into it. A few favourites are by Innisfree and WHEN they have some brilliant controlled and specific ingredients that are targeted towards helping any of your skins problems, they really make a difference!

My must have makeup item for summer has got to be bronzer. Contouring becomes one of my main makeup focuses in summer because I love the bronzed look this time of year. My absolute current favourite is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, it's a completely matte bronzer which works perfect for pale and tanned skin! It is the perfect contour shade and can easily be built up to get your desired tone.

The next summer beauty essential has got to be an SPF! A lot of makeup and skincare products contain an SPF these days which is great. I still like to use an SPF underneath my makeup just because since I am pale I naturally burn more easily. The one I really like (which I've actually just ran out of so need to stock up) is the Innisfree Eco Saftey Perfect Waterproof Sunblock. It's light weight and doesn't feel heavy at all!

My final must have beauty product is a light weight foundation! Nothing worse than being in the warm weather all day and your makeup starts running down your face. I don't like matte foundations since my skin is so dry but I like to meet in-between matte and dewy and my current fave is the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. It has a super nice consistency and is not to heavy!

What are your summer beauty essentials?

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