OST C 21.5 Serum Review

Hey Everyone, I've been on the lookout to try a good serum for awhile now, but never had seen one that really caught my attention. ...

Hey Everyone,

I've been on the lookout to try a good serum for awhile now, but never had seen one that really caught my attention. That was until Wishtrend kindly let me try out the C20 Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advance Serum. The main reason this particular serum intrigued me was that the product had a somewhat update. Even though the previous C 20 Serum was quite popular, when I seen they had updated the product and it was back better than ever, I knew I had to try it out! Let's see how the upgraded serum faired out~

This OST C 21.5 serum is a new upgraded serum that is suppose to be even more concentrated than the previous C 20. Vitamin C seems to be a very popular skincare ingredient these days and I've seen it pretty much all over the place! So trying out such a high concentrate of Vitamin C seriously invoked my interest to see why it is such a popular ingredient.

The OST serum claims to whiten and brighten the skin, help add some life back into dry/ unhealthy skin and help diminish the overall look of blemish scarring and pigmentation. When I first applied the product into my hand, I was actually surprised at the consistency. I'd never tried such a light weight feeling serum before so It took me by surprise. Before applying it to to the skin, I first cleansed using a gentle cleansing water and applied toner. I then took about three drops of the product and applied it all over my face. I have to say that you have to act fast with this product because it dries almost instantly when it touches the face.

Like I mentioned earlier that I was so surprised at how light weight the consistency felt, that was even more so when applied to my face. The product is so light and fast absorbing it pretty much disappears into the skin immediately. Which for me is amazing because I hate waiting for products to dry! It leaves the skin with the most beautiful glow and does not feel sticky at all, in fact the skin feels smoother and softer. For some, it can claim to sting a little since it is such a high concentrate of vitamin c but I felt know discomfort from this product at all.

It's been about 10 days since I've been trying out this product and I've noticed that my skin has drastically improved in this short amount of time. Since I am pale I'm prone to pigmentation and redness and after trying out this product any red pigmentation has almost dissolved away. My skin tone is looking a lot more even and with it containing a whitening effect the overall appearance of my pale skin is looking much brighter. Also, I had a very stubborn dry patch on my forehead but that now seems to have completely vanished!

This 30ml product is like a little miracle crammed into a bottle and now I'm starting to see why vitamin c is such a popular skincare ingredient. The packaging the product came in is very simplistic yet pretty and when I opened the box, the applicator came packaged at the side of the bottle, very hygienic I must say! It says to put the serum in the fridge to prolong the life of the product and it actually is great because applying the cold serum to the skin is super refreshing and cooling.

Overall, this little miracle product has done my skin wonders! Never has my dry and dull pale skin looked so bright without makeup! I highly recommend this product if you suffer with any pigmentation or acne scarring it really helps to lighten them up and give the skin an all round beautiful glow! Definitely a great addition to have i my skincare routine. Be sure to check out Wishtrend for more amazing skincare products!

Have you tried out the OST serum? What is your favourite serum?

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