Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish Review

Hey Everyone, Exfoliating skincare products also seem to be a hit or miss with me. They are either too abrasive on the skin or just not...

Hey Everyone,

Exfoliating skincare products also seem to be a hit or miss with me. They are either too abrasive on the skin or just not effective for my skin type. So, recently I was browsing on Wishtrend and came across this Klairs Black Sugar Polish. I've wanted to try a sugar type exfoliater for awhile but never seen one that really caught my attention. However, this Klairs facial polish stood out to me for the benefits that it claimed to produce so I decided to give it a try. Let's see how it faired out~

My skin has been quite dry lately so this product came at the perfect time! This Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish comes in a cute little 60g tub packaging. The packaging is really simplistic yet pretty and it reminds me of products I see when I was training as a beauty therapist. This product is about £12 and for the price you get a really nice amount of product. 

When using this product I mix it with with a few drops of water then apply it to my skin and rub it in gentle circular motions. It doesn't come with a spatula so just make sure to wash your hands before use. This product contains a few popular ingredients such as Shea Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil. This product also contains a '4 Free System' meaning it is Alchohol free, no animal testing, no parabens and no artifical colouring which is very beneficial for the product!

This polish claims to exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate waste from the skin and generally help to moisturise dry skin. I would say it pretty much accomplishes all of it's claims. After each use, my skin felt soft and never dry or tight, which I felt other exfoliaters had repeated before so it was a nice surprise. Even after two uses I noticed my skin looked clearer and much more fresh and my skin continuously felt soft afterwards.  It definitely helps to remove dry skin patches on my face and left my skin with a light moisture glow. 

This product can be used for every skin type which is great for me since I have combination skin! So I atleast know the product can work on all areas of my face, not just one patch. I use this product once a week (on a sunday which is my pamper evening) and I find that it helps to remove all the left over impurities that have remained on my skin through the week and after use my skin is left fresh and clearer. 

Overall, this product is definitley something I will re-purchase. It lives up to most of it's claims and my skin has never felt so soft and abundant. Since this product is for every skin type, I definitely recommend everyone to give this a try, it really has made a whole world of difference in my skincare routine and pretty much is my new favourite exfoliating product! Check out Wishtrend for even more amazing beauty products!

What is your favourite exfoliating product?

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