Spring and Summer Skincare Tips

Hey Everyone, Every season brings changes and with these ever changing climates it can effect our skin. Especially, if we aren't taki...

Hey Everyone,

Every season brings changes and with these ever changing climates it can effect our skin. Especially, if we aren't taking the best measures to protect it. As the weather gets warmer, you may want to change up your skincare. Whether your skin is oily or dehydrated (or both) here are some of my tips to get the best out of your skin this spring and summer


With the weather moving on from the icy cold winter and with the warm and sunny days replacing them the dramatic change of weather so fast can take it's toll on the skin. Just because the weather is changing though doesn't mean you have to completely abolish your current skincare routine and replace them with new products. 


Cleansing is super important especially in the summer months. No need to replace your current cleanser though. I just make sure that I'm doing a deeper cleanse than usual because in the warmer days oil can get built up. Just remember when I say deeper cleanse I don't mean scrub away at your face just apply a little more product than you usually would and cleanse for a little longer than usual. It will help keep the oil and impurities at bay for longer which is great since they can build up so quick in these cooler days!

Toning and Exfoliater

In the spring and summer I love mist sprays. Not only can they give your skin an instant refresh there are many different types so whether oily or dry skin there is one that can fight your skin battles! I like to use the Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Mist as it leaves my skin feeling super refreshed, perfect for hot days!

When it comes to exfoliating, I like to use a more gentle exfoliater since I give my skin a more deep cleanse than usual. The exfoliater will just help to remove any left over oil or impurities that cleansing missed and to remove any left over dead skin cells ensuring a more even skin texture. 


A good moisturiser is always key as since we have been doing a deeper cleanse than usual it will help add back in some moisture that may have been taken away by the deep cleansing. Choose a moisturiser that works for your skin type! Facial mask are a great way to add some moisture back into the skin and just because the skin can get more oily in the warmer season doesn't mean you should stay away from moisture products. I highly recommend sheet masks as there are so many different kinds for every skin type and problem!

What are your spring and summer skincare tips?

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