How I achieve Dewy/Glowing Skin Part 2 [Makeup]

Hey Everyone, I'm back today with part 2 of my 'How I achieve Glowing Skin' series. In the first part I covered how I achie...

Hey Everyone,

I'm back today with part 2 of my 'How I achieve Glowing Skin' series. In the first part I covered how I achieve a dewy complexion with skincare. However, in this part, I will be covering my foundation process and I will be talking about all the makeup products I use to create the dewy look. Let's see how to get the glowing look!

I'm a huge fan of the dewy complexion whether winter or summer I always prefer my skin to have a healthy looking glow even if we have to fake it! Sadly, we are not all born with perfect skin and having dry skin like I do I know it can be hard to create a dewy effect. But, I have finally found some products that help my skin shine and create a really nice fresh and glowing appearance. Here are my 3 steps on recreating this look.

Step 1 - Glowing Primer

Priming the skin before foundation really is an important step and finding the right primer for this look can be hard. That was until I came across the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer not only does it prime the skin ready for foundation applications it leaves behind a really beautiful pearl shine. So even if your foundation is matte this primer will shine through your foundation and create a natural glow. 

Step 2 - Foundation 

When it comes to the foundation the type really isn't that important but if you have a more dewy foundation even better. My favourite foundation to use when creating this particular look is the Maybelline FIT ME Foundation it leaves your skin looking so dewy that at first it's a little scary but as it sets it leaves the skin looking naturally highlighted! 

If you only have a matte foundation then using a combination of a glowing primer and highlighting liquid or powder you can control more of where you want the glow to hit your face and how intense a shine you want. I like to use the benefit high beam if I'm using a matte product.

Step 3 - Glow Set

You may think using a powder to set your foundation is going to hide the glow but not if you find the right setting powder. I use the Collection setting powder and take a fluffy setting brush and take the smallest amount of powder and lightly apply onto the foundation. It will really help prolong the longevity and create a more natural finish!

What is your favourite highlighting product?

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